cultures in india is changed????

March 5, 2007 12:42am CST
indians follow old traditions and inherit it.this is great thing as india is only country which teaches culture to the youngs.culture inclues classical music,traditional dancing,respecting elders,etc.but now new generation find it harrasing & torturing.they forgotted their culture they are behind lattest trends & forgotted respecting traditions.i'm not against new trends but at same time we must respect our culture & follow its teachings.i'm also teenager but i follow the teachins taught by my parents & achieve success.culture never teaches any harm but it developes you think we should avoid our traditions???????
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• India
19 May 07
i think u like old cultured india....... as a indian i also agree with you..... but now the time is change us....if we not changed ew will be backwords.......... so we have to changed ourself for competiting with others.....