Saudi Arabia
March 5, 2007 1:50am CST
What Is Insomnia? Most people have experienced the difficulty of insomnia in their lives. Insomnia is inability to sleep in the periods that used to sleep on it, and the difficulty going back to sleep or sleeping uncomfortable. I mean the difficulty sleeping or waking up frequently during the night. Insomnia cause problems during the day to the person who suffered such as: fatigue, lack of vital energy, difficult to focus, nervouse, and rapid anger. What Causes Insomnia? Insomnia affects males and females of all ages, but it affects women more, especially after menopause. It affects everyone because of old age, but because of an inability sleep, and not because of the need to sleep. Types of Insomnia: generally, there are classified types of insomnia: -Transboundary short term insomnia. -Intermittent insomnia, which comes in the form of periodic occur from time to time. It's lasts from one night to few weeks. -Chronic insomnia, which lists for a month or more. Factors That Could Cause The Insomnia: There are many reasons for the intermittent and transit insomnia: -people who have a history of pressure psychological. -People aged more than 60 years. -Passing certain conditions or because of fatigue, noise, or disturbance. -Unusual temperatures for the warm or too cold. -Changing the venue or the time of sleep or waking up. -Travelling fatigue. -Using certain of medicines that have side-impact(pressure pills or coughting medicines, etc). In addition, psychological pressure or the occurrence of certain disasters. The chronic insomnia is due to a combination of factors, including mental disorders, which is the biggest cause of chronic insomnia. Also, there are some reasons of the chronic insomnia related to chronic diseases such as arthritis, kidney disease, asthma, heart diseae and parkinson's disease. Morefore, may be frequent using the stimulants containing caffeine, such as coffee, alcohol, and smoking causes insomnia and chronic fatigue.
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