Do you love chocolate?

@colloque (137)
March 5, 2007 3:24am CST
Which chocolate do you like most? Does chocolate cause acne? Why is chocolate melting when it is kept out?
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@ermita (19)
6 Mar 07
I'm a certified chocoholic! I don't care what forms it take, whether it be cake, candy bars, cookies, ice cream, liquer, etc.! I love them all!
@rhea_lyn (199)
• Philippines
6 Mar 07
Wow lol!Yeahh i am chocoholic too hehehe,i love all kinds of chocolates,but i love chocolates with almonds more.i dont think so that it can affect our skin,bcoz i keep eating it and nothings happen to my skin,Maby u are just too alergic thats why ur having an skin .problem by eating chocolates alot!
@laurici (70)
• Romania
10 Mar 07
i like all kind of chocolate, especially Kandia, Anidr,etc....i don't know if is cause acne, i eat a lot of chocolate and I don't have nothing!!is melting because of your body temperature ...!!:)
• Pakistan
7 Mar 07
yes i like chocolates
@cabergren (1181)
• United States
7 Mar 07
I love chocolate. My favorite is milk chocolate and white chocolate. I recently read that chocolate doesn't cause acne. When I have had a bad day there is nothing like chocolate to make it better.
5 Mar 07
personally i love milk chocolate...and it only causes achne, as it has a high level of fat
@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
5 Mar 07
I love chocolate, well most types at least. I hate chocolate if it has coffee in it. No chocolate does not directly cause pimples, but it does have high levels of fat. That would depend on the temperature.