if your wife say no to make love with you

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March 5, 2007 5:30am CST
if your wife doesnt want make love wih u anymore..what are you going to do...tell me
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@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
5 Mar 07
well, you just gonna have to wait and win her heart, buddy! many wife are stupid with this silly problem, but cause husband to do cheating. God! when are those wife gonna realized that?
• India
5 Mar 07
I think the person would obviously first talk it out and probably only then will know what is the reason...and depending on what she responds..person would decide what to do...
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
5 Mar 07
this happens at some point in most long-term relationships. The only thing you can do is talk to each other and find out why it is happening blessed be
@misheleen73 (6037)
• United States
5 Mar 07
all the time or only on occasion? I know sometimes you may not feel like being intimate at that particular time. But if it's all the time, she never wants to do it again, then maybe you need to have a talk with her and find out what may be bothering her.
@webbuff (926)
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
hmm it seems to be unlikely your wife dont want to make love to you unliess there is wrong. I guess you and your wife should sit down this matter and talk about it, if she doesnt want always respect her decision and try another day. You should communicate thats the secret of long lasting marraige.