What is the worst lie you ever told?

March 5, 2007 5:58am CST
All of us have told a lie at one time or another. Some big, some small. Some hurtful and some so we would not hurt someone. What is the one lie that you wish you could take back if you could?
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@easy888 (10405)
• Australia
5 Mar 07
I tend not to tell any lie that will hurt people, but when i was a child, i lied once to my parents,I told her my brother had broken her favourite antique which she asked us not to touch , my brother even helped me and confessed everything, but my mother was so angry. After that, i always think becuase of it, my mother tend to love me more than my brother,,althogh it may not be the truth,but i really want to take it back to see will it be the same if i am the one who confessed everything.....
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• China
6 Mar 07
I don't tell a lie to hurt others .I'm very kind to other person.So i don't think my own friends tell a lie to me.if that is true,i'm very sad.