New Version of Brontox. The Effect, Step for avoid and other information.

March 5, 2007 6:32am CST
There is a new version of brontox it's very cool virus maybe it's trojan. A computer have infected with that virus will take effect like this : 1. Restart PC after 30 minute. 2. Task Manager Disabled 3. Registry Editor Disabled 4. Slow Down Your PC 5. Crash your Operating System .. Very Risk on Windows OS 6. Run Disabled 7. Safe Mode Disabled ( Windows ) 8. When you PC connect Internet any time. Brontox will try to connect FTP of that virus. 9. Control Panel Disabled 10. Folder Option Disabled 11. And many more... What a very annoy Virus !! If we want to avoid infected by virus with any risk, maybe we must use a good Operating System like Linux or Apple. And if us OS is Windows maybe we can install deepfrezze. It's very useful program.
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