how to earn more money using mylot

March 5, 2007 7:42am CST
i can andy one tell me how to earn more money by using mylot
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@072006 (1279)
• India
5 Mar 07
Hey hi, welcome to mylot friend,well i earned till today $23 ,keep on posting on those topics about which you know something,as here you can make money just by answering discussions on mylot, and starting new discussions too, infact you can boost your earning by uploading photos, so keep posting quality responses, keep searching good discussions about which you know something and can answer, strictly avoid one liner posts,best luck and happy earning!!!...cheers!!
@oarnamav (2708)
• India
5 Mar 07
Take the following measure while working on the mylot and earn lot of money..... 1. Write a quality text worth to read, an authortative and a good advise if desired from the other end. 2. Read the "mylot" seriously to avoid mistakes while working, the command is in the top-right-corner. 3. Add refferals and coach them if needed. 4. maintain a good discipline in your work and be regular as well as sincere too. 5. Observe a code of ethics and get admired by so many users. You soon will learn to make a great earnings. Wishing you millions of dollars in your future.
@MarkyB21 (1545)
5 Mar 07
As already stated post some pictures - you get a guaranteed amount for each one which helps (just make sure they comply with myLot's terms of use). Make original and interesting responses to other people's posts and start some new discussions yourself. As you get into the site more add more friends and respond to some of their topics as often as you can and they might do the same for you. Other than that, get some of your friends/family to sign up as referrals and you'll earn whenever they post too. Hope that helps.
@sjohnson628 (3197)
• United States
5 Mar 07
Have you uploaded any photos yet? I think you get 1 cent for every photo you upload. You can add them to comments and discussions. If I am right you dont get any earnings for the ones you upload to your profile though.
@ghost1380 (871)
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
post and start an intresting topic. and enjoy your stay here.