What Do You Prefer Playing: Men's Doubles, Ladies Doubles and/or Mixed Doubles?

@onirac (29)
March 5, 2007 9:02am CST
Personally, I prefer playing in Men's Doubles. Why? Because as an aggresive player, I can just smash at my opponents with all my might. In Mixed Doubles, I should hold back at smashing because I might hit the girl with shuttle c*ck and might hurt her and made her cry or get angry at me. But I consider also Mixed Doubles if my Lady Partner knows how to rotate because that's how you play the game anyway (even if typically, male players are the stronger back players).
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• China
27 Mar 07
I think this reason is very funny!I prefer playing in Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles.I think it depends my character.I don't care about win or lost but i am afraid of the pressure comes form the people who pay attention on me. Maybe Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles can make me released.And if i play in single i will become nerverse but in doubles i will relax :)
@ndoeng (57)
• Indonesia
30 Apr 07
i prefer to play in men's double cuz is more comfortable
@windhair (498)
• Germany
26 Apr 07
I like men's doubles, since single game is too hard for my stamina. Generally I will do practice one to one. Tonight is the badminton time, hope there are enough free place.
@pclife (246)
• Malaysia
26 Apr 07
I'll never play ladies double for sure ! : ) . I love to see world class men's double aggresive play on TV . Currently , I love the men's double team from malaysia " Koo ken kiat & TAn Bon Hiong " the The All England Champion 2007 , The Champion in Swiss Open & Malaysia Open ... They play nice & consistent... I love them bcoz Im'malaysian ... : )
@karang (21)
• Malaysia
25 Apr 07
erm. i prefer playing in men doubles because can save energy to make smash and thats wonderful moments get point by smashing. beside that we dont need much energy to control the court because we have pair. and the important thing we can share our victory or loss with our partner....the first time i playing in double while interfaculty compotition eventough not the first but thats wnderfull moment because against player who most skillful than us....
• Malaysia
31 Mar 07
I Prefer Men's double as i just don't have enough stamina for single. Besides, double match is just explosive and fast,that's why i like it!!
• Philippines
29 Mar 07
i actually prefer mixed doubles because i can move around more at the back while my partner sets me up for smashes.. also, in mixed doubles i don't get as tired as when i play a hard mens doubles game. in mixed, if you're good you can only be playing against the lady opponent so the return of the shuttle is not as fast as when you play mens where almost always the shuttle is hit hard and comes to you fast..
• India
7 Mar 07
I am not professional player but I have a group and I played almost daily, and I prefer men doubles