before getting married...

March 5, 2007 9:29am CST
what are some things to be done before getting married? For me, before getting married you should see to it that you have enjoyed single life and that you do not have anymore concerns about your past. And of course, you should be sure of the person you're going to marry.
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• India
1 Apr 07
i dont think i am going to get married. i am happy the way i am. i dont think i are the last human in this world with out whom man would extent like dinosaurs. is marriage the last step for us. besides i dont think some one is so fool to love and marry me. i have only one gool in life i.e to keep my parents happy
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Getting married is nice but being unmarried is fine! Oh don't think that way. You don't know... just wait! If you don't have someone now then maybe God has a different plan for you. Wow that would make you a very good daughter.. pleasing your parents!
• India
1 Apr 07
@jayalaksmi (1041)
• India
10 May 08
Yes before marrying the one most important thing is to check or know more about the person whom you are going to get married because it is really a matter of fact to know about the person. We have to live with the person and should know that he is a good person and will be caring towards us and should always help us in our day to day life.
@jcgbrains (139)
• United States
5 Mar 07
The decision to get married should be based on your relationship with you possible life partner. Things like how much you have enjoyed single life are not an important part of what makes a successful marriage. The first thing you have to ask yourself is, do I like this person. A successful marriage requires not just love but that you like each other. Your spouce should be your best friend. Further there are many things which the two of you should talk about before you enter into a marriage. The Catholic Church has a great weekend retreat that among other things helps you to begin having these discussions, as I am sure other organizations do. A successful marriage requires love, friendship, respect, and an ability to communicate. Many of the common problems in marriages start with a failure to communicate. Which explains why most figts in a marriage will be about things that objectively are not important enough to justify the seriousness of the discussion that they started.