Girls & Bras

@priju20 (416)
March 5, 2007 10:02am CST
I'm currently working in a clothing store(hopefully not for much longer)and my department is Infants/Toddlers,Girls,Accessories and Lingerie.I was putting out Girls merchandise the other day and some new children's bra had come in. My question is this:What on earth does a five year old need a padded bra for?What happened to 'kids being kids...not growing u too fast'?Maybe it's just me but it really bothered me.
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• India
7 Mar 07
i was wondering why you were always bothered about bras and nothing more... what is the problem between you and bra.......................................... dont you have one.... if you don have giv me your i`l send you one..... hi.hi . hi. hi.
• India
5 Mar 07
Oh that is really surprising , it is much bothering ,, need a thoughts
5 Mar 07
goodness me that is terrible. I think kids grow up way too fast anyway without things like that. I do teach my kids to be responsible and do some things for themselves, but they are still children and I don't want them to be grown up before their time.