My Diary Has Become a Book of Hatred and Doodles!

@vixel83 (212)
March 5, 2007 10:07am CST
As a child, I used to be a prolific diary-writer, but I never wrote anything of consequence or anything particularly private, it was simply a chronicle of the everyday comings and goings in my life, of little interest to anyone but me. As I grew older I wrote much more personal information in my diary, however around 3 years ago I "discovered" blogging, that is to say I started a livejournal. Soon, I was writing all my day to day diary entries on there, keeping a paper diary separately. Now, I find myself updating livejournal on a regular basis, whenever something interesting happens in my life, but some things are reserved for the paper journal, i.e. rants. Whilst angry with someone (usually a housemate), I find writing down my feelings soothing (as many do) however I attribute my diary becoming a tome of nothing but anger and hatred (with the odd picture I draw in when I'm bored) to livejournal, and the ease in which I can put my feelings down there. I know a paper journal is going to be far less secure than an online one with friends-locked entries, etc. but I feel safer in the knowledge that my most irrational thoughts are gathered in one place! I was wondering how any other diarists were affected by starting an online journal instead?
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@TinWolf (184)
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6 Mar 07
On my yahoo 360 site I usually BLOG every day, or more, and certainly a Diary/Journal are recordings of personal things, thoughts, feelings, issues, but be aware that in this VERY public place, not many might care. That isn't a perosnal attack on you at all, it's just that everyone has "STUFF" I've journaled for 57 years and used much of the context and content for various books. It's not only a way to "record" but "cleanse" I PAPER journal, only to save thoughts, words, phrases, that may lend themselves to exapnding on them. Usually on the back of an envelope, napkin or my hand. I've also discarded more WORDS than I've ever made public, or had published. MY OPINION... The venting, even written, is exactly serving its purpose,,,unless of course you DWELL on it in VOLUMES, and CARRY it like a portfolio,,,everywhere. Once resolved, that venting can be looked back on, but at some point perhaps those notes, should be discarded. HATE is a harsh emotion, and difficult to bear, AND degrading more to the one who carries it than the TARGET of it. You might equate it however, to a medicine, at some point, and not only realize the WEIGHT of it, but the futility as well. In my above example, I truly write for ME. If anyone reads my RANT or whatever, and is incited to feel similarly, ponder it at any depth, even find amusement and entertainment in it, GREAT. If what? Again,,and with all due respect, keep in mind that whatever you do is for YOU, and may be disregarded by others. Steven Wolf