True story: Unhappy wife, husband attempted to commit suicide.

@sreevasu (2717)
March 5, 2007 12:57pm CST
This is a true life story still running... The hero of the story is a husband who is my friend, a bank officer, now aged 48 (Let us call him 'H'). The wife is a 46 year old college teacher (Call her 'W'). They were college mates. Their religions were different. Attracted by the radical thnking both have (still having) they fell in love and got married, after their educatin, ignoring the hesitation from her family. A son born to them and now he is 22.(He is not a main character in this story) Since both the husband and wife were educated, discussions and arguments were common in daily life which normally goes to loud voices of oral fighting. The man's habits of smoking and drinking were intolerable to her. And their life went like that... Three years ago, the husband met with a girl aged around 25 (Call her 'D') who is a govt servant in the local body who came to his bank for an official talk. The man noticed some peculiarities in her and felt a fatherly affection towards her. He heard a 'cinderalla story' of her past whose dad and mom were killed in a motor accident. She is now wife of a salesman in a shop and they have a 6 year old son. My friend told her that he has a daughterly feeling towards her and she too accepted it began to call her 'dad'. She was happy in seeing a father in him. Her husband and son were also happy in getting a dad for her. The relationship between the bank officer and his 'step-daughter'is pure, fair and sincere. But to the college teacher could not accept this father-daughter relation. The daily life of H and W became more complex with arguments and shoutings... It worsened thier life vey much. And to make the story brief, H attempted to commit suicide, yesterday, by cutting his veins, but his son found it and took him to hospital. Today he was discharged from hospital and now taking bed rest in his home. Can anyone suggest a solution?
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• China
11 Mar 07
Okay ,i think let the W accept the girl and her family ,let the W stay with the girl's family ,i believe that the relationship between the girl and the H . In our country ,there are manily families have relationship just like the parents with daughter or son but they have any bloodship .
@sreevasu (2717)
• India
16 Mar 07
It is the same in our country also. the parents live with their sons of blood-relation. The daughters, after marriage, will go to the grooms house and stay there. Here, the W will never accept the girl as her daughter. And that's what wonders me how a woman can't understand or accept another woman?