Healthcare Funding for Americans--a 'novel approach'!

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United States
March 5, 2007 1:11pm CST
I'd like to open a discussion on a Healthcare Funding concept I've been trying to promote. It's based on a couple of basic, 'morally-correct' (at least in my opinion!) principles, as follows: 1) "Whosoever knowingly contributes to or participates in the general decline of the health of the masses shall likewise contribute to and participate in the general restoration and healing of that decline."2) "If you're going to help make me SICK, you'd better be ready to help make be WELL, too!"'s the concept explanation: We all know that many, many of the products we eat, drink, slather on ourselves or otherwise become 'exposed' to contain poisonous (toxic) substances. This is not my conjecture...this is well-documented fact. Indeed, California's 'Proposition 65' requires manufacturers to state on labels of products which contain toxic substances (as defined by governing protocols) to read (approximately): "This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm." The intent of the 1986 legislation was to keep toxins out of California's drinking water and consumer products. As far as I know, California is the only state with such a law, and I can't speak to its 'success', but I believe it's a necessary move toward healthier products, and I believe more states need to join the crusade. That said, my theory is this: 1-Enact Federal Legislation which requires similar labelling in all states, on all products which contain ANYTHING that is defined as 'toxic to health or environment'. 2-Enact Federal Legislation which requires any manufacturer of any product which contains 'toxins' to pay a percentage of their gross profits (relative to the toxins' potential dangers) into a National Healthcare Plan. 3-Enact Federal Legislation which requires anyone who knowingly pollutes the environment with known toxins to pay a similarly structured profit percentage as described in #2. 4-Adopt the "caveat venditor" ('let the SELLER beware') philosophy, rather than the "caveat emptor" ('let the BUYER beware') philosophy as it relates to hazardous products and pollution. I believe it's time for ACCOUNTABILITY! I believe Americans are slowly being 'poisoned', and they even have to PAY for it!...not only to purchase the poison, but to treat the subsequent health-related damages as well. Time to stop the madness! For more in-depth information, please visit my blog at:
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