My Cat is a Biter

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March 5, 2007 3:10pm CST
I have a huge problem. My cat is a biter. It's like he's always angry about something, like: "Don't touch me" (bite), or "How dare you stop petting me" (bite), or "I just cleaned myself, how dare you mess up my beautiful work" (bite). The worst problem is that when he wants attention and is in a loving mood, he is the sweetest cat in all the world! I attribute this issue to the fact that he was weened by two rather large men who think it's funny when kittens bite them so they forgot to teach the cat not to bite when his teeth became stronger! Now here I am trying to undue 2 years of improper cat handling, literally. I have the scars to prove it! I've tried finding cat whisperers, you know those people who say they can talk to cats, and I believe them. But they are expensive. The vets simply say, "he'll grow out of it." But if he hasn't by the time I decide to have children there is no way this cat can be around infants! The real issue may be that this cat has learned to solve his problems by biting or has an aggressive nature that I just can't seem to fix or find a solution to! The worst is when I attempt to discipline him. He hates that the most.
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@silverlou (372)
5 Mar 07
Cats are all individual and yes can be dangerous, my cat used to terrorise me and her previous owner gave her to me because she used to stalk her kids down the hallway. However, when I got her spayed, she became so much more relaxed and tolerant, she may still do the occasional hit and run or attack if stroked and she wants her space, but now I know what she likes and dislikes. I would suggest that if your cat is food motivated, everytime you stroke him, give him a little treat, so he knows something good happens when he gets fussed.
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6 Mar 07
The food idea is a good one because he is definitely motivated by soft food! I hope he works out because I don't want to have to give him up! Time to do a little bit of cat whisperin!'