United States
March 5, 2007 5:28pm CST
As most people have been getting sick this winter season i have been able to keep myself relativly healthy until now. This past week i have had a cold and a very bad sore throat with swollen tonsils and a head ache. After a week of feeling crapy my weekend was very nice i didn't feel to ill just had a cough but now today i go to work and i get sick while im there come home and i have a very high temp. Not sure if its flu or not cause ya would have thought that i would have gotten it earlier than now. So now here i am at home not doing anything and being extremely tired even though i just got done sleeping an extra five hours. I have been taking some medicine and it still hasn't worked and i hate going to the doctor first of all my insurance doesn't really cover anything so then i have to foot the bill which i really don't have the money to do. I guess sleeping and getting plenty of rest is what needs to be done i hope it all goes away today so i can go to work tomorrow. What about everyone else how you deal with being sick. Do you use over the counter drugs, prescription, or do you eat chicken noodle soup? I could use any advice to get rid of what ever it is that i have.
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