Grammar Gremlins

March 5, 2007 5:43pm CST
I do my best to keep my spelling and grammar as accurate as possible as I believe it's important to make an effort to perpetuate correct English as far as you can, but there are certain words and spellings that I just can't seem to get right! I can never remember the difference between inquiry/enquiry or practise/practice and I can never remember how to spell recieve/receive! Do you have any grammar or spelling gremlins that you just can't seem to beat?
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@hezoid (2148)
6 Mar 07
I have loads of grammar and spelling gremlins, you just have to look at a ahndful of my discussions/replys to see that it's true! At work i just rely on the spell-check, and my handwriting is so unclear that no one tends to notice if i've spelt something wrong. Also though, i have a lot of typos too sometimes.
@kriziaaa (156)
• Italy
6 Mar 07
I'm italian and i'm very far to spelling perfectly ahah..I think that it's really important to speak well in our language because when we have a relationship with other people the language is very important..also in italian language the grammatic is difficult..there also word that have the same meant..for example pesca=peach but also to fish..congratulation for your beautiful musical tastes:)
@chloe9013 (532)
5 Mar 07
Plenty! I am horendously bad and spelling and grammer. Sometimes when i post you would not belive i was english! But i try my best and people not said anything about it as yet :) I am constantly typing e before i eg- freind and other vowel mistakes. Aswell and wanting to type a word and typing a word that isn't even related to the one i was suposed to be typing! eg - work instead of sold (totally random example) I am also very simular to you in the sense i can never remember how to spell certain words no matter how many times i check, they wont sink it damit!