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March 5, 2007 7:39pm CST
Does anybody know at what age dogs can no longer reproduce? I was just wondering because about 8 years ago our dog had a litter of puppies, but since we have made sure that she hasn't. She's starting to get up there in age, and I would like for her to have another litter. She's going to be 10 this fall. Do you think she's too old? She still goes into heat twice a year.
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@TinWolf (184)
• United States
6 Mar 07
With no offense I can't imagine why you never bred her again and never had her spayed if you weren't going to breed her? Is this a purebred, registered dog? Again and with no offense please do not put her through a pregnancy, whether or not she is still fertile. At 10 years, and maybe even depending on her breed, she is an old gal, and if she was gonna be a multiple litter Mom it should have happened years ago, and maybe no more than 3 times, no matter. I'm certain you love her, and care about her well being, though I'm still confused about why you never had her spayed? My advice is NO, and enjoy HER while you still have her. Steven Wolf Long time pet owner.
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6 Mar 07
We never had to spayed because my miance and I both agree that it is cruel. It's the same thing as making a woman have a hysterectomy because you don't want kids. I'm not even sure that I want her to have pups, but it would be nice. I know that she is getting old, thats why I probably wouldn't do it. I was just asking if anybody knew what was considered too late for dogs. However the reason we never bred her again was because she had 13 of them the first time, and thats a handful. Anyways I want to thank you for responding to my discussion, and there was no offense taken.
@SpitFire179 (2536)
• Canada
6 Mar 07
yeah, no she's way too old. 6 is the ideal age for them to stop producing, if you breed them any later than that it can cause some pretty serious problems, and possibly disability... Be careful with her hun....
@silverlou (372)
6 Mar 07
I would say ten is too old, although it is still possible, you have to think of the energy required for an older dog. Its the same with people, as we get older, there can be more complications. Also, the amount of puppies seem to lessen.
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