How to deal with a stupid boss???

March 5, 2007 8:28pm CST
Hi, I have been working at my present job for quite a while now and really, I have to say, it's just the worst job I have never had. At the beginning, it was ok... but now, things are getting worst and I am feeling depress and very upset about my boss. I could just kick her big fat but. I did work several weeks ago with a specific software. It's kind of hard for me to explain because I am French, but I will say quickly that the software wasn't working right. Lets just say that, after I did all I have to do, all the work with the software, the boss decide that we had to change of software (the software wasn't working right since the beginning and the boss new about it). Unfortunately, I had to do all the work all over again with the new software. The boss didn't apologize for the work I had done for nothing. I got pay, but the work was been done for like nothing at all. And now, I just hate my job. I have to redo everything. I am getting pay, but still. I talk to the boss about this and what I was told is that if I wanted to quite, I had to write a letter. I don't want to write a letter because if I decide to do so, I am scare I am will not be able to get any unemployment benefit because I decide to leave, it's not the employer who lay off me. I am in a difficult situation the boss doesn't respect me at all and I want to be lay off. How can I get lay off without doing anything chitty? I just want to receive unemployment benefit for a time and begin my search for a new job.