illegalize marijuana or alcohol?what do you think?

United States
March 5, 2007 11:01pm CST
Okay allthough i can say i do niether drink or do drugs but i have a really strong oppinion about this.The government is so hell bent on weed being illegal and the consequences are so big.BUT i know alot of people that drink and alot of people that smoke.And i can honestly say theres NO comparison.I have NEVER seen a person violent or irrational when high but my whole life i had to grow up to see a bunch of drunks.My life has been shattered so many times by people who were drunk.And its a known medical fact that marijuana is a working medication fro some things.I think its ridiculous that a[erson can walk into the store and buy beer only to go and hurt someone from being drunk but its illegal to smoke!!!!I think they should be focusing more on the alcohol problem in this world.Doctors are allowed to p[rescribe it to a patient and thats as far as it goes.You dont see alcohol being some kind of help to anything except destroying peoples lives.Am i theonly one that thinks like this?
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