Dad Is Sick And Stubborn

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March 6, 2007 12:21am CST
My dad is sick and very stubborn, he wouldn't go to the doctor for a long time, he wound up gonig to the doctor last week after I threatened to drag him there myself, he was dizzy and couldn't see straight, then I called him to see what the doctor had said was wrong with him and he was in the hospital! He told me that the doctor had told him he had a blood clot in his leg and a spot on his lung. Well, after two CAT scans, they say there is nothing wrong with his lungs, but the blood clot is four inches long, but they are having some luck with breaking it up, they want him up and walking, but he can't because his leg and foot are causing him great pain when he puts pressure on them, now the docotor is getting frustrated with him and is going to send him to the nursing home for twenty days for re-hab, I am just wondering if anyone has had this same situation and could give me some advice on how to get him back on his own two feet faster, before he got sick he was going like there was no tomorrow, still cutting firewood, and all kinds of stuff like that, he is 68 years old and tougher than nails, so I know that when he says it hurts, it really has to be hurting, and if they give him any stronger pain meds, he will be so doped up he won't be able to do anything at all. Please help me out, I am in a tight spot, and have no one to talk to about this.
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@Darkwing (21588)
6 Mar 07
I don't think you'll have to worry to much as I'm sure they'll reduce, or even stop the meds once the blood clot is dispersed and he will get his strength back. I'm sure they won't release him from care until they're sure he has his strength back anyway. It's a good job you kept nagging him to go to the doctors. This is nature's way of telling him to slow down, and if he hadn't done, he wouldn't have lasted much longer. So well done, you! I hope your Dad soon recovers and can get back to doing some of the things he did before, but he will surely have to start slowing down a bit at 68 years of age. Brightest Blessings and I wish your Dad a speedy recovery.
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6 Mar 07
Thank You for your Support.