how crazy watching heroes can be??!

March 6, 2007 8:16am CST
Intesity of heroes is now continuously rising. From the bennett's discoveries to parkman and the radioactive guy looking for the truth, and from sylar continuing to gather powers to peter mastering his mimicing ability. I am really hooked by heroes! it really has a great storyline, effect and great mind of creation. I cant wait to watch heroes tonight! Im currently downloading it from bit comet as its shown in the telly but only in cable tv. and we dont have that?! which is lame! heroes is an awsome tv show!! how crazy is it?! imagine yourself killing the time and have nothing to do. you stare at the clock, focusing on every tick, every second. You're bored. you focused then suddenly the hand stopped. and you're one of them. you are on the list. like me.
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