what is the world coming to

United States
March 6, 2007 11:17am CST
Not trying to be pessimist, but never in all eternity has so much chaos between the war in Iraq, the war in the U.S., accidents, house fires, people killing for nothing, gangs, diseases, cloning, artificial everything, joblessness, homelessness, drugs of whatever kind been in existence. Back in old times there were crazy things, but now with more technology and money in the economy, why is the world more off the hook than ever?
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@SageMother (2277)
• United States
6 Mar 07
The world is not more "off the hook" than ever. It used to be that you didn't hear about 3/4 of went on in other places and so it just SEEMS to be more hectic. Remember, it used to be legal to beat your wife and kids. People had to stage sit ins, go to jail, and have police dogs set on them because they protested to get basic civil rights. Diseases like small pox would wipe out whole villages and polio crippled many children. Our concerns are different now, but the world has always had this strife going on. People have either forgotten or not been taught about it.
6 Mar 07
Because things are not being delt with in the correct fasion, people just think that blowing things up and shooting people down is the correct way to deal with problems.