"First love never dies?" Is this true?

March 6, 2007 11:34am CST
Share your experience or make a statement.. Do you agree on this statement? Do really first love never dies? I have this childhood "former" friend whom I had a crush. And i cointinuosly admire him upto this moment. When we were kids I usually tease this guy and i regret doing that because from that time he never considered me, i guess, as a friend. He was like an older brother to me when we were a kid; he was the one who encouraged me to study because i was so stubborn that i wouldn't want to go to school. That time he went with me and my dad to took up the entrance exam. When we were a kid our parents, specifically our moms, often tease us that we were compatible and because of the feeling that I was embarrassed I always say "I'd rather be a nun than to be with him".. but that truth is i was just shy and indenial to admit it to him and to our family. I know and I realize I was so mean. And during our elementary upto now we never had a chance to talk as a friend or even just an acquiantance. We just nod and smile when we bump into each other. Im still hoping that we can still be friends. Even just be friends...=)
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