Child Ear Infections?

@Mamaof2 (574)
March 6, 2007 12:50pm CST
This is seriously driving me crazy. My son who is now 2.5 has had constant problems with his ears. He had numerous infections before his first Birthday...two days after he turned 1 they put a set of tubes in his ears. This not only tramitised him, it did not work at all. He continued to get ear infections every single month for over a year. He is on medicine for 10 for 20 or so days...then another infection starts. Grrrr... Just recently he has went 3 months without one!!! Then a couple of nights ago he was up screaming all night, went to the doc yesterday...and well what do you know. His ear is severly infected. Anyone out there experienced anything like this. Does the child actually eventually grow out of this like the Doc & Specialist is saying? Any comments would be great.
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