Health insurance

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March 6, 2007 1:12pm CST
As soon as I turn 21, I won't have a share of my parents' health insurance so I have to find and buy my own. I am pretty clueless when it comes to what makes a good insurance plan and what I should be looking for. Please someone give me the info on how to shop for health insurance and what all these terms mean!
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22 Jan 09
I must respectfully disagree with answer #1. I think it's risky to have your health insurance tied to, and at the whim of your employment. With an individual policy you own the policy, not your employer, and the insurance company cannot cancel it, nor can you be singled out for a rate increase based on claims experience. Furthermore, individual health insurance is usually far less expensive than group health insurance. This is contrary to what most people believe. The reason is that group plans must accept everyone in the group, regardless of their health. In most states an individual policy is subject to underwriting - meaning that if you have any health issues, even minor ones, you may not qualify. Call a local agent for assistance. Don
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6 Mar 07
Health insurance is very expensive the best thing to do is find a job that offers it and helps you pay for it I am 26 and I just got health insurance through my hubbys job. i could never afford it on my own and my job doesn't offer it