the 2nd prophecy: more terrible than ever before?

March 6, 2007 4:54pm CST
trelawney's prophecy to harry in book 3...... it will happen tonight.the dark lord lies alone and friendless, abandoned by his followers.his servant has been chained for 12 years. tonight, before midnight...the servant will break free & set out to rejoin his master.the dark lord will rise with his servant's aid greater & more terrible than he ever was.. tonight..before midnight the servant will set out to rejoin his master. what do u all think this "greater & more terrible than he ever was" part means? we never gave that a thought ! what is it that... voldemort couldnt do the last time? the only thing he couldnt do the last time was conquering hogwarts or the ministry or gringotts! so i believe.. with dumbledore gone...he might well conquer hogwarts this time! wat do ya all think? wat does this "more terrible" stuff mean?
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7 Mar 07
I think it just means he will be really ticked about what happened with Harry and be even more horrible--do anything to get what he wants and that is to kill Harry. He will stop at nothing which is a dangerous kind of person.
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7 Mar 07
Thanks for the response , but , i think he was like that ebfore itself , i mean will do any thing to get wat he wanted . hence this has more than one meaning , now that dumbledore is gone and him capturing the warevolves and dementors , anything can happen .
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9 Mar 07
More power yes, but it is also not so easy to conquer Hogwarts, dubledore might have seen to that.