What do u think about this love story?

March 6, 2007 11:43pm CST
Sohni the daughter of a potter named Tula, lived in Punjab near the banks of the river Chenab. Her job was to draw floral designs on the 'Surahis' (water pitchers) and mug, thus transforming them into masterpieces of art. Izzat Baig of Bukhara,The rich trader came to India for business but he was completely enchanted, when he saw the beautiful Sohni. He roamed around with being completely in love with her and totally forgot about his business. He would end up buying all her water pitchers and mugs Just to get a glimpse of her. Sohni also lost her heart to him and instead of making floral designs on the pitchers she started building castles of love in the air and in her dreams for sure. Izzat Baig sent off his companions to Bukhara and stayed back in India to take up the job of a house servant in Tula’s house itself. He used to take their buffaloes for grazing and soon enough he came to be known as "Mahiwal"(buffalo herder). In the mean time people had started spreading rumours about the love of Sohni and Mahiwal, then to over come the societal pressure without her parents arranged her marriage without her consent, with another potter. Suddenly, one day without any prior notice his "barat" (marriage party) arrived at her doorstep. Sohni was devastated and in a poignant state of mind. She was led off in the doli (palanquin) by her parents, but they could not make her forget Mahiwal. Due to this mishap Mahiwal renounced the world and took to the life of a "faqir" (hermit) in a small hut across the river Chenab. The soil of Sohni’s land was like a dargah (shrine) for him and he had forgotten his own land and his own people. At night when the whole world went off to sleep, then taking advantage of that darkness Sohni would come to the riverside and Mahiwal would swim across the riverside only in order to be able to meet her. He would everyday roast and bring a fish for her. It is said that once when Mahiwal could not catch a fish due to a high tide he cut off a piece of his thigh and roasted it for her. On seeing the bandage when Sohni opened it and saw his injury and she cried. From next day onwards Sohni took to swimming with the help of her earthen pitcher as Mahiwal could not swim any more. Soon, the rumours of their romantic rendezvous had spread far and wide. One-day Sohni’s sister-in-law followed her and saw the hiding place where Sohni used to hide her earthen pitcher. The next day, her sister-in-law removed the hard baked pitcher and replaced it with an unbaked one. That night, when Sohni tried to cross the river the unbaked pitcher got dissolved in water and Sohni was drowned. From the other side of the river, Mahiwal saw Sohni drowning and jumped into the river and drowned as well. They both died together. If not in life they were united in death Please give me views about this love story..
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