Do you face this problem? how to tackle it? Pl. help me.

March 7, 2007 12:04am CST
For the past one month, my in-laws have come to stay with us. My Father-in-law is not keeping good health. He is 80 plus and now a days he has become very impatient. He keeps shouting at us for every small things and he gets irritated very fast. It has made my life miserable. I am finding it very difficult to cook for him (even though my MIL is there) and he is not satisfied with the meal that I prepare (though it is very tasty as per other member of the house). I am working and I am finding it difficult to cope with this situation and cannot concentrate on my work in the office. Please help me how to tackle this problem and keep my FIL cool and calm.
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• India
8 Mar 07
At the age of 60 people start getting annoyed by even simple n easy things.they look people all around them with the apprehension that they don't care for.They have doubt that thier sons don't have interest in them rather in the partners.they feel like their sons have been taken away from they always find flaws in everything what the daughter in laws do to have to take him in confidence that yopu love him as he is your own father.tell your hubby to talk to him,since in this age these people can be treated only with love a affection.
• India
7 Mar 07
so u better to come out and do as u like r u have to be patient and u have survie him.the is the choice u r having.
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• United States
7 Mar 07
You might talk to your husband about this. Since he knows his parnets and how to approach them better thant you. And if a change need to be made it might be better if he is present to talk to the FIL.