do you hold a grudge...

March 7, 2007 12:53am CST
OR a chip on your shoulder about something? anything which happened to you in your life? Does something carry with you each and every single day? Feel free to discuss it here!
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7 Mar 07
I'm not sure if what I carry is a chip or a grudge. but there's definite anger, I guess. See, when I was just about to graduate from high school, I went to this college fair with a copy of my high school transcripts and one university (3000 miles away, but all of our family lived in this state so I wouldn't have been alone) was interested in me and said that I had a possibility of getting a full ride scholarship but they needed my parents tax information. My dad wouldn't give the information so I couldn't get anywhere with the scholarship for that school. Settled for going to a community college (to do the same stuff at the university) but in the end it took me 6 years to get a 2 year degree. Now everytime my dad "jokes" about how long it's taken me to get my degree I get pissed off and tell him it's his fault. That if he would have given the university the tax information I would be done with school and teaching at an elementary school.