Vision of Islam - book review

@taikon (23)
March 7, 2007 3:12am CST
This book is one of the clear and precise study of Islam that explains the teaching and main doctrines of Islam.This is a book with lots of explanation.This book is may be one of the best introduction of Islam available in English language to date.It look at Islam from phenomenological perspective.This is a book for those who have already a good basis of religion and are interested to dig deeper into Islam. This book managed to fill the gap between inner view and obejective analysis of Islam.It presents Islam from a Muslim perspective as explained in Quran and the classical traditional books of Islam. It explains deeply belief of muslims, their action and their spiritual journey in life. This book is written by Sachiko Muratta and William Chittik.Murata and Chittik are Associate professor of Comparitive studies at State university of New york at Stony Brook.
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