How To Achieve A Successful Life.

HoW to Achieve a successful life. - What are the key factors
March 7, 2007 4:44am CST
YEs It Is the question disturbing me quite a lot. What Do we rquire for this and what are the key factors we are neglecting now a days. I think the majot qualities we require are 1. Faith on us and our goal and our work 2. Discipline in our lives and responsiblities 3. Hardwork In every field 4. Truth 5. Responsiblity to achive our goals. These are I think The essentials for us to be successful.
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• Australia
7 Mar 07
Success means different things to different people. Some people would relate success to having a high paying vocation, like doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur etc, living in a mansion in an elite suburb, driving the latest cars, and living the high life. I would disagree with that definition. Some people would relate success to lazing around, doing nothing, pleasing self, and having the government pay the bill. I couldn't call that success. Some people would relate success to being married, having a family, bringing them up to be good citizens and supplying them with a better life than they had. That isn't necessarily success. What is success? I think you have listed some good requirements which I agree are essential for success, and when practiced are likely to lead to a successful life-style. I suppose for me, success is summed up in knowing, loving and serving my loving heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ, and following His will for my life. He is my Guide, my Director, my strength Giver, my Encourager, my constant Companion and everything I need. My life motto is: So live, that when you come to die, you have nothing left to do, but die. That would be a successful life.
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• United States
7 Mar 07
hello!. i think that you basically sumarized the things that we have to have in ourselves to have a succesful life. i guess all i can say that it is up to us and it is our decision if we want to have a successful life. i can say that it is not easy to have all these things because temptations are around us.. its up to us if we choose the path to success or just dawdle away and go in the wrong way.