what would you do if you get a chance to spend 1 million dollar in 1 day

March 7, 2007 5:46am CST
i would buy a new house and do lots of shopping for my family and friends and help some needy ones and if some money remains then i woould invest it
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@rpebad (89)
• Uganda
7 Mar 07
my dear friend,i milion is a whole lot of money just like mylot in my country.if investing if is another way then investing is exactly what i would do and that includes buying share from prominent companies,government bonds and securities
@drakan291 (818)
• Ireland
7 Mar 07
i'd buya house and go out to dinner. And BAM suddenly my million bucks would be down the drain. If you don't believe that i can spend a million bucks in 12 hours why don't you transfer it into my paypal account! Prity please with cherrie on top... drakan291
@Darkwing (21588)
7 Mar 07
I would buy my dream home, which would be a cottage in the countryside, with a stream at the bottom of the garden and lots of land around it. Then, I would give the rest to my favourite charity, which at the moment is the local hospital, which is under threat of closure. Brightest Blessings.
7 Mar 07
WOW if I had that kind of money to spend in one day, I would pay off all my debts first and clear all my bills. I would then help out family and friends and make sure I invested wisely for the future. I would try to ensure that some money went to needy causes too