How you like stray dogs??

March 7, 2007 6:15am CST
Its been observed that a lot of people love dogs as pet,since they are very much faithful n obediant animal.they love only there pet dogs n they care four them to the extent of lmit.but when it comes to the stray dogs there are few who take interest in them.What do you think of the lives of stray dogs or even any stray animal who fell pray to different types of mysery in their lives?
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@info2go (241)
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
i always think it's a pity to see a dog with nowhere to go to.. most of these dogs are victims to careless drivers and other mischievous folks. i mean, these are living creatures too and to top all that, dogs are domestic animals and regarded as man's best friends. it doesn't matter if a dog is a stray one or not, the point is that these animals are most capable of caring for its human masters and can be loved as well. i had a dog once and it's nothing much to look at since it looked like the typical stray dog you'd encounter in a dirty alley. but hey, i loved my dog as it greeted me everytime i got home from school. i fed it, i looked after it, cleaned it's droppings, nursed it back to health when it was sick, and in return loved me with all it's loyalty and playfulness. i had one problem with my dog though, it loves to go out without a leash running around the neighborhood and it did that everyday first thing in the morning. at first, i've always went after him and after some time i got tired running everywhere to get him to go back home, i never really cared about that attitude coz my dog doesn't bite unless it's hurt by people; and since we never bothered to make him wear a collar he almost even got snatched by the dogpound 2 times and should've been caught if it wasn't for our good neighbors. but one faithful day when my dog went out for a jog as usual, something bothered me because it's been almost 8 straight hours and still hasn't returned home yet. i asked neighbors and friends and they all said the same thing, they never saw my dog. the next day, i went to visit the dogpound in the hopes that i'd see my dog safe and sound, but to my dismay he wasn't there. tears fell as soon as i got home knowing that there's a big chance that my dog has fallen prey to people who ate and sold dog meat for profit, never to be seen again. i know it's also my fault for letting my dog wander around like that but ever since that day, i despised people who ate dog meat even the stray ones. i personally believe that even homeless stray dogs should be taken care of for they can return the favor as well as any other pet dogs.
• India
8 Mar 07
I really feel sorry about your dog, friend! and that was my point that once you leave them orphan there is a great danger that they will fall prey to dogeaters.Also if they fall ill there is nobody to look after them.Hence we,human beings must be responsible enough.
@silverlou (372)
7 Mar 07
I don't like it when I see stray dogs, its quite rare in the uk as most are rounded up by the dog wardens, but it is very sad to see a dog without a home, just like seeing a person without one.
• India
12 Mar 07
Its really very sad when I see stray dogs being miss treated by some people,especially children.They find it funny to tease them.Conditions everywhere are not like UK.We people have to be responsible for that.