Random Elephant facts.

@lifted (62)
March 7, 2007 6:42am CST
I was talking to someone from Thailand, where elephants are a sacred animal. I thought I'd share some of my learnings from the short little conversation. Apparantly in Thailand, elephants are pretty much allowed to be free. They can be raised by families and whatnot, but say an elephant decided to roam through the market. No one would get mad or anything, even the owner of the pineapple stand that just turned to lunch. The elephants are just respected that much. Did you know elephants eat pineapples whole? Or maybe 10 of them.. or maybe like all day, who knows. But they eat them whole, which is pretty cool. They also party, because they're so cool. I'm being serious, elephants actually get drunk. If they come across some grapes, they'll crush a bunch of them into the ground and cover them. They'll come back a few days later and slurp up their makeshift wine until they stagger around with each other. All this info is new to me, so it almost blew my mind. If there was a group of elephants travelling or something, and say one of them died. The others would actually bury it and make somewhat of a grave site. They would then actually come back to visit their fallen friend or family member each year. Of course I didn't learn all this from a credible source as it was just a short chat with a friend. Though I see no reason anyone would lie about these things. I'll believe it, and the saying, "an elephant never forgets," make a little more sense now.
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