naughty dogs!!!!

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@subathra (3519)
March 7, 2007 7:11am CST
We used to have our sofa set in the veranda since it takes lot of space if kept inside the room.For some time every morning i noticed the sofa cover had been messed up and no reason was available for this happening.But one day i happen to see when i opened the door two dogs running away from the veranda after seeing me.These dogs are not only intelligent but also cunning in cheating the people.Now i lay a plank on the sofa inorder to keep these dogs away...the sofa being occupied by these creatures.Have you happen to experiance any such incidents by outside dogs?
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@BlackBay (584)
• Canada
7 Mar 07
Well I had a dog, Crystal my Husky/mix, smart and Beautiful she was but had moments each year where she was a thief,LOL. We lived in a rural subdivision and in the summer Crystal stayed outside....she never left the yard.She had her favorite tree that she slept under.We would go to bed and she would be fast asleep under the tree at midnight (were thinking good girl)lol. in the morning we'd wake up and she'd be in the same spot sleeping under the tree,at the back door or under the tree with her there would be a soccerball, baseball, running shoes, flip-flops, towels, socks, shorts,and one time an empty Rum bottle we laughed so hard our dog was a Catburgalar. She would do this for about two weeks every year and then stop. I think she new when we went to sleep and she would sneak away and steal from our neighbours.
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@subathra (3519)
• India
8 Mar 07
your dog is very funny and intersting too..