will u date a guy or gal from another country???

@rsp9098 (755)
March 7, 2007 7:12am CST
do u think the relationship will work??? i won't do that as i wish to date and marry a guy who i know better rather than luving for timepass....
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• India
9 Mar 07
well i dont think that their is any problem in dating a guy or gal from other country but at same time i would also like to play safe as you said would marry a person from my country only cos diffrence of opinion on basic ethical things wont be there
@JuliaPan (564)
• Canada
7 Mar 07
That's the problem which is frequently discussed in the Israeli society. As you know, there live people who came from different places of the world and who were brought up in different ways. We've got here many examples of mixed marriage. But as for me, when I immigrated I was sure I would never date or marry a guy who's not "Russian", that is who's not from a family which came from the former Soviet Union. That's what happened. I dated only with guys from Russia or the Ukraine, and got married with a guy who immigrated from the Ukraine. I think there can be so many differences between people, that it would be hard to find common things to build firm and lasting relationships.
@reykja (121)
7 Mar 07
I think it's even better to date another guy from another country cuz you'll get to know a new culture and language. I have always dated guys from a different country. Now I am also in a relationship with a guy who's from the neigbouring country. It's hard to do long distance but we make sure that we visit each other often enough. I've seen many couples who both are from different countries yet they get married and are happy.
@flickz (626)
• Malaysia
7 Mar 07
maybe. i think i will do that.
• India
7 Mar 07
ohh sure i would love too...which country r u frm...i would like to date u...lmao... yeaa y not...i mean wats wrong in dating a gal frm some other country...i dont see anything wrong in datin a gal frm another country..
@zhell_12 (119)
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
well for me, i am dating a man to know him more. and not to have relationship with him already. so there's nothing wrong to have dating from another country. as long as you respect each other.