How can you...

@barish (132)
March 7, 2007 7:12am CST
how can you stop a computer from overheating?
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@chakotay (240)
• Romania
8 Mar 07
For this are some rules can apply here like to have a good controled air flow inside of case for this all cable inside the case is must be well arange make it compact inside is good but not necesar to have a cooler on hard disk and other to culer suplimentary on case one in rear to exaust hot air form sitem of the case and one in front to asorb cool air for out side in not a good thing to open the case and let the computer work like that for log period of time becouse u can't control the air flow form inside, anyaway if you planig to do some overclocking with you'r sistem is good tu purchase some big cooling sistem than standard!
@strapro (26)
• Greece
7 Mar 07
First of all you have to be sure that the air circulates properly in your computer. To do so place one fan in the bottom of you computer "pushing" the air upwards and then place a fan in the back "sucking" the air out. This way the hot air goes out. Then you can buy some fans to put over your cpu. graphics card etc OR if you really want to keep the temperarute down you could try getting a "cooler" This, is basic a set of pipes that circulate cold water. As the water passer over the computer parts it takes away the heat. Then the water goes to a small "refrigerator" and cools again. Pretty neat. Plus you keep the noise to a minimum
@ipisman (144)
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
It depends on what you have. If you have a laptop, you can buy one of those cooling pad that sits under your laptop. Just keep in mind that the cooling pad will be powered by your laptop's usb drives. It gets more complicated if you have a desktop. You can buy new and better heatsinks for your CPU, ram, and video card. You can also install new fans in your computer case to keep the air circulation going.