March 7, 2007 7:31am CST
Do u believe in Astrology?Why?
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• Sri Lanka
8 Mar 07
I hate Astrology as it is a nuisance to society, holding up their work. My wife and her family were firm believers in Astrology, but I managed to bring them out of the habit. What helped me convince them a little bit is an incident involving her sister. She was going to the astrologer for everything with her horoscope and tells us that the astrologer will study that and tell every incident in her life accurately. Once I got a astrology program and fed her birth date and time into it. It gave her star sign as "Mesha" instead of the "Virushaba" that was stated in the horoscope. For everyone else the star sign was given correctly. I told that the computer cannot make a mistake in the calculations and did some further checking. Then I found that she was born at 12.25 midnight and since it is an unusual time the Astrologer has taken it as 12.25 p.m. So my sister in law was even celebrating her birth day on a wrong date. I pointed out that she was born at 0.25 a.m. on the next day. Then they realised the mistake and made a new horoscope. But the million dollar question is, how did all the astrologer tell everything correctly looking at a wrong horoscope. This shows the psychology behind it. I think Astrology is based on a mythical universe with the Earth in the center and all other planets including the Sun revolving round it. The planets are actually not in position as the astrologers claim it to be. Also in the beginning people were not aware that the stars in the Astrological signs are in fact billions on light year away and in some cases are already destroyed.
@ipisman (144)
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
I don't think you should put too much faith in astrology. I do think that it can be somewhat helpful with guidance and advice simply because it can make people pause and think, but I don't feel like it'll entirely predict your fate or how you'll or how you'll always be.
• India
7 Mar 07
my parents do believe in astrology but i am not at all believing in this, astro means "simply forecast of the future" but i don't know why people believe,as if a astrologer says that in future u will be rich then.. one will simply be satisfied that he will be rich in future so he does not put effort to make his living,, my dad is one of this victims and i eventually checks that out that he is ignoring his works because he needs to go to astrologer..