What do u think about LOST?????

March 7, 2007 9:23am CST
Is LOST losing its grip over the plot os is it that the directors dont want to reveal the secret of the mysteries...........its being said that the directors themselves dont know what their plot will be like..........but according to me they want to keep the audience guessing for too long about the mysteries to keep them watching the episodes............im hoping that the they wud make the 3rd season a lil better n interesting to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@tarsadawn (350)
• United States
8 Mar 07
I guess I agree with you. I love the show and have since it came out, but it just seems that they have too many things going on right now. They need to start tying, at least, some storylines together.
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
Lost is awesome! it think it's the most clever thing on TV today.. i mean house md is pretty clever but that's because they talk about medical stuffs.. Lost has the best plot... but yeah.. i sort of hate the part of more questions than answers every episode haha... keeps me hangin all the time! I'm always updated w/ Lost I don't have a problem w/ it's slow process of answering questions at all.. i don't think it's losing it's grip! And yes! the 3rd season was way more better than season 2! i almost cried in kate's episode..