What can you say about DOPPELGANGER? Is this true enough to believe it?

@mcaf1970 (140)
March 7, 2007 9:55am CST
DOPPELGANGER is a ghostly double of a living person, especially one that haunts its fleshy counterpart. i've seen this topic being featured in a documentary show. i got interested so i finished the show til the end. this was shown last month in kapuso mo jessica soho. in that episode, the worst thing may happen to you is you may face or encounter your own death. i learned that if you see your own doppelganger, something very bad will happen to you. at 1st i didn't believe it but now i'm having 2nd thoughts. it's bcoz there are 2 people who saw my doppelganger. 1st my close neighbor. one late morning she reiterated to me that she saw me early morning about 6 am, preparing breakfast. she greeted me "hey, you woke up early". she called on me again but i still didn't answer. when she tried to see me on window of my kitchen, all she can see is my side view. so she went home right away. but the person she saw wasn't me coz i was still sleeping at that time. 2nd was my helper told me that she saw me walking outside. she was about to go with me but i already turned left to go to my close neighbor. same as my close neighbor, she only saw my side view. so she just stayed at home. but she wondered how i was able to go out if the gate was locked & where did i pass? that time i was infront of pc surfing. how could that be? guys, could this be a premonition? what can be done to combat this doppelganger? will somebody enlighten me about this?
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