how to join in NBA?

March 7, 2007 10:39am CST
i love basket ball very much. i also play well. my dream is to join NBA. how to join there? can you please guide me..
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@crossedx (72)
• Canada
13 Apr 07
Making the NBA is extremely tough. you have to be the best player in the age group that is +/-1 from you. so if you are 16 for example, you must be the best player from all the ballers that you know and have seen who are 15, 16, 17. if you are the best player, your chances are still like 0.001% if you don't live in the US, your chances of making it is even slimer. but if you do, tryout for the college team. just even making that is tough. but a majority of the draft are from college players. the rest of the draft are either straight from high school or from another league in another country. A lot of scouting happens in college. I say to probably even get noticed, you'd have to be top 3 players on the college team.
• Portugal
11 Mar 07
i'd advise you to go to an american college, if you can't do it, then try to play in an european league like Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel. It's also important to have a great managing staff behind you. As you can see, there are some bad players in the NBA but they have great agents, so they still "survive" in there.
• Australia
9 Mar 07
if you wanna talk basketball do it here try playing college ball in the US a lot of recruiting down from there