need energy badly

March 7, 2007 1:40pm CST
I have 2 small a.c generator, they refused to work, my country energy supply is bad and I have no means of moving out, can't do without electricity. What do I do?
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• India
12 Mar 07
its ok. don't worry, every problem has its solution u can have these choices 1. u can tune the a.c to minimum power supply 2.u can use them only when necessary and that too alternately 3. u can make them work by applying solar generators which supply energy constantly (but only in day times) 4. u can put a constant water supply to them.....and on them using a small motor which is avaliable anywhere 5. last option is that u can sell them to a good price in any exporting dealer never get irritated with machines ...they make us happy when people don't all the best