HoW Long yOu kEEp yOur tExt mESsagEs??

I would save your message.. - when will you text me again??
March 7, 2007 7:06pm CST
Sometimes i keep my messages for about a week, i only delete it if i don't like the message, forwarded or even personal.. i save it if it's important, or send by someone who rarely texted me.. What keeps you saving a text message in your cellphone???
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• China
20 Mar 07
i keep my msges until the receiving box is full. when there is no empty space to keep them, i will delete them except the important ones.
• Taiwan
28 Apr 08
i am the same to you, i am so lazy to care about the message until the receiving box is full.when the full flag is red,then i will delete them.
@bukiebluz (153)
• Nigeria
17 May 07
it all depends on the boyfriend's messages are always on my phone.ant other person can now come along.when the inbox is full,i delete messages from other senders but always remain my boyfriends'.luvly,isn't it?
@jerry_03 (52)
• Malaysia
30 Mar 07
Normaly i will keep my text messages until my inbox getting full. Then i transfer the most important message to my Laptop for safe keep. Now i still have my 3 years old text message in my laptop.
@LeYaHaNn (100)
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
sometime a month, because i always forget to delete the messages that is not important thats why i always having a hard time to separate the important ang the not imporatant messages
@smint522 (25)
• Malaysia
13 Mar 07
those message which not important will delete instantly. for those message which i feel quite touch or meaningfuli will keep as long as i can if my handphone nothing happens. I still remember that one of my friends send me a appreciate message which thanks me to accompany her whole night when she was bad mood.I still keep it till now :)
@yespriya (66)
• India
13 Mar 07
Ya I store those sms...nearly one year more my best frnds sms...I had saved in my mobile...and my frnds sms I'll store nearly 3months like that...some after I save in my computer I'll delete...those...bcoz I luv my frnds...
@Rexy_leigh (1189)
• Philippines
12 Mar 07
I do keep some really important text messages for a couple of months, some even for a year or so..especially those touching and tickling messages from the people close to my heart, especially my boyfriend. Actually, almost 90% of the saved text messages on my phone is from my boyfriend..I just love reading them over and over again, at times that he's not on my side and I wish he was there. Somehow, reading those sweet text messages from him makes me feel he's just around. :P
@joy1982 (226)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
i keep my text messages when it is from the person i love and important to me,especially messages that has sentimental value to you.. i keep them for a monthh or whenever i dont like it anymore.. ehehehe..
@chardyme (1633)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
i keep my messages with quotes.
@shevamp (120)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
i think i am a sentimental freak, coz i do keep text messages from people important to me and i have kept them for more than a year. my boyfriend's text messages, for instance, remain intact in my phone, and some of those messages were sent by him when we were still friends. even his recent text messages that touch me i do keep. most times, my phone's memory gets full i find it hard to erase or delete even one message. funny, but i enjoy reading them over and over again.