March 7, 2007 8:56pm CST
how do you deal with backstabber?have you ever encountered a backstabber?what if she is your own friend? my own experience..we were friends back then.we share secrets,we gossipped bout a lot of things,we use do works together..until oneday..i made a small mistake..mistake which was not going to disturb her not a single does not concern about her at front of me she said something nice and sounded she was an angel..soon enough, i heard from my another friends, she said nasty thing about me..what a jerk right????? i tried to forgive her. it has been 9 years already..still i hate her for what she did to years later..we talk but there is no more 'chemistry', what you ghuys think..
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• Philippines
10 Mar 07
Back biters, back stabbers, whatever you call them...they aren't worthy to be called friends! I know there are a lot of people of these kind out there. It is a little uncommon though for the men. However I have close encounters with these kinds of people since my girlfriend and some other female friends get into trouble with these people whom they first thought as their "friends". What I actually tell them when they come to me for some sort of advice is that go to them, and confront them, but make sure though that you'll do it in the subtlest way possible. Coz i know that when one party starts raising her voice, a bigger conflict would surely arise. So I told them to talk things out, and tell them their ill feelings for what they have done which eventually ruined their friendship.
@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
I experienced friends like them in a 2 different situation and I deal with them right away. I talked with her face to face with some friends and tried to open up the topic she used to tell when I was not listening with some friends who she tell the story for I was a transparent person and I don't want to step down to his level of imaturity that's why I confront her to end the story. The result she cried because she was humiliated of the problem that she brought to herself out of being a back talker and that very moment I ended my friendship with her but we say hi and hello but never friends again for if she can do it once maybe she can do it again if we are still friends so I decided to end our friendship for everybody's benefit.
@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
8 Mar 07
A person who is a back talker is not worthy of your trust any more. Once you are made aware they are doing this it should be clear they are not your friend anymore. Forgiveness should be reserved to when she comes to you, gives you an explaination, and then asked to be forgiven. Without that move on. She is not your friend and you can not trust her anymore. However I beleive that because she does this does not give you the right to do the same. Never ever betray a confidence someone has given you. You may be the only one that has that satisfaction but at least you know you are not that kind of person.