What do you think of President George Bush?

March 7, 2007 9:32pm CST
I have heard awful stories about the US President. What can you say about him? I am just curious about what the whole nation thinks is happening with the war in Iraq and other issues. Is he a good president or is he hiding something under his sleeves?
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• United States
8 Mar 07
I will start with this thought and that is that in no way do I think that I could be President of the United States and that it can not be an easy task. That being said, I also did not run for President and don't feel bad that I can't handle it. President Bush on the other hand should feel terrible about it. Things are out of control in this country. We spend millions on other countries while ours is a disaster. Young men and women killed daily for a country that doesn't want us there. Osama Bin Laden (if we all remember him and the reason 09/11 happened) is still among the missing and there was no chemical warfare in Iraq. Personal opinion...Bring in Hilary !!
@bgerig (1259)
• United States
8 Mar 07
I believe he is in a very tough situation. After 9/11, this entire country was in the mood to do something. Now, that the Iraq war has continued in various evolution, the public is quite tired of it. On top of that, the government has gotten extremely large and there are some leaders in the bureaucracy who have let the country down. That is the current situation at Walter Reed Hospital. As to an evaluation of President Bush, it will take years....usually 30-40 years after an administration is over before the historians can objectively evaluate the Presidency. So, we'll have to wait to determine whether or not he is a good President. As to whether or not he is hiding something under his sleeve, I don't believe so. I believe all of our Presidents are basically honorable, good people.
• Philippines
12 Feb 08
Thanks for the response. I know my response to you is so late I have been quite busy with life and work and all. On this 9/11 event don't you think Bush is behind this to cover up something? Well this is the thought and what we heard from some people and news media here and outside our country. The war in Iraq shouldn't have been done..Innocent people were affected and children got hurt in the crossfire.
@johndur (3049)
• Pasig, Philippines
6 Mar 08
since i dont know much about him i cannot comment on this.but in my observation,almost all of the leaders of a nation always has their opposition and no matter how many good leaders we get there will always be more opposition to sprout and try to pin them down...but some oppositionists tell true of their sentiments...
• China
6 Mar 08
Everyone has their dual nature,I think what kind of people Presisent Bush is need time to prove.History will opened all the truth.