United States
March 8, 2007 12:37am CST
my relative just died dont get me wrong I know death is a part of life and I have had 7 friends die with in the past year. For me this is diffrent we were very close and I am heart broken any advice as to cope with this loss
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@cetamol (16)
8 Mar 07
Sorry to hear about your loss, its awful to lose anyone we love, i have experienced it too and i thought my world was falling in. The only advice i would give and from my experiences, is to just grieve, allow yourself this time to feel the loss, no one says you have to cope or "get over it" right away, and think of the good and positive things this person brought to your life, for the time you were able to share with them and be glad for that, there is no pain relief for grief and the loss of someone, sadly, if there were i think they might run out of stock quickly. Also the old saying i think is very true " Time is a great healer" it really is, it gets easier