Baby on lap

@SilPhil (267)
March 8, 2007 3:16am CST
A two-week old baby was killed in Perth. The mother was in the passenger set of a car, holding the baby in her lap. The car was in an accident, and the baby was killed. It is suspected that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. How could you allow a 2-week old to be in a car with a drunk driver? And how could you not strap the baby into a car seat? I will never understand some people.
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@mrbranan (1012)
• United States
10 Mar 07
First of all noone should be in a car with someone who has been drinking. I as a mother I would never put my chld in that kind of danger. Even if the person is not drinking you strap your child in for safty reasons. What was this mother thinking.
@brckoba (795)
• United States
8 Mar 07
This is terrible! The mother was extremely irresponsible for doing this. I personally would not get in a car with anyone that is intoxicated, let alone my daughter. Some people don't have brains and heart.
@bigtummy (51)
• Singapore
8 Mar 07
Sad to hear that.Anyway, the drunk driver should be punished heavily. The baby should also be put in the car-seat meant for infant and strap it, not on the lap.
@eden32 (3976)
• United States
8 Mar 07
That's just awful.