Animal rights

March 8, 2007 4:41am CST
What are your opinions about what rights animals should have, if any?They say eating meat seems as horrible to me as eating human flesh!
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
As far as I am concerned eating meat is okay. Humans are omnivores by nature and we need meat to get all our protein (vague memories of biology). The only plant that does this is soya, which is why most vegatarian foods contain soya. Even the greats apes will eat meat to supplement thier diet. It is also a high energy food and most likely helped man to its intelligence. Human brains need a lot of energy. I agree with Maciamo on the point for zoos. In the past they weren't very good, but nowadays they are used to maintain species and help those that are on the endangered list. Circus animals though are just for human entertainment and some are kept in appaling conditions. If I want to be entertained by animals I'll watch animal planet, at least there they are free and doing what they do naturally. I think there use in medical research is justified. I would rather prefer an animal being used to find cures for cancer, heart disease and various other conditions, than see people die because these experiments were banned. Imagine the outcry if these experiments were being done on people. Josef Mengele did during WW2. Cosmetic experimenting is something different. Animals shouldn't suffer because of someones vanity. Hitting is a bit of a grey area. I find the odd tap or smack while training a dog helps. My dog is very obedient and regards me as her master. Remember that is how a dominant pack member will keep its pack in line. A dog regards you as part of its pack. If you don't put some authority on it, it will become difficult. My aunt has this problem with her dog, plus it is inbred. Big, stupid and she has no real control over it. Smacking cats is pointless. Hit a cat and it will get revenge on you, or just piss off elsewhere. Hitting animals for no reason is just a sign of an insercure person who likes to bully things. Probably can't do it to people, so does it to something weaker than himself. In a way it is pathetic and sad. I'm like Jack when it comes to kittens. So cute, despite using your leg as a climbing tower to get places. My brother two kittens do this to me every thime I go around his house. One has made it all the way to my shoulder.