The Century Response......

March 8, 2007 5:37am CST
Some discussions are really popular and get 100 or more responses. That is really excellent when people can do that. Especially when so many members are striving to strike a chord with other myloters and come up with a really good topic. That is another thing that is good about this site. Apart from the money, it also really makes a person think. And it is really a good thing for all concerned. I will keep trying. I think I have one at "80" but have not reached the 'century' mark yet...
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@anonymili (3138)
8 Mar 07
Well done you on getting 80 responses! I think the max I've had on any of mine is about 10? I guess it has some to do with the category you write in, if it's a popular category you'll get more hits obviously but also a lot is to do with how many friends you have here. If you have lots, they'll most likely have you on alert and some people here are really nice and reply to ALL of their friends' discussions, which I can't do. I will only respond to the ones where I feel I can make a valid contribution to the discussion, otherwise it's like I'm babbling for no reason. I've noticed some of the more controversial topics get lots of hits too, so you could try that? :p I hope you make it to that century soon. I only hope I can make it to just 20 responses LOL That'll keep me happy! x
• Singapore
8 Mar 07
Well, having one at 80 is not bad at all! Keep honing those screws in your brain and... have fun! ;-)
@beaniegdi (1966)
8 Mar 07
you have done well to reach 80 and i am sure that you will re ach 100 one day, i guess it is the subject matter that we have strong opinions about anyway that get the most response.