My Doctor Just Put Me on a Nebulizer for My Asthma...

@kelly60 (4548)
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March 8, 2007 8:55am CST
My doctor recently put me on a nebulizer for my asthma. I am supposed to be using it between 2-4 times every day, but find that very difficult to do because of the noise and inconvenience. Mine is really loud. I almost need to buy a pair of earplugs to use it. Not only that, but my son's girlfriend lives here and works the night shift so I won't run it when she is sleeping, my son's go to bed early, and I don't like to use it when anyone is trying to watch TV. I find it very hard to use it as often as I should. Are they all this loud? Does anyone else have these problems? If so, what have you done to overcome them? Does anyone use them as often as they are supposed to?I am looking for some real advice not just one word answers, so please don't bother with those.
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
4 Apr 07
My youngest daughter is slightly asthmatic. She only needs it a few times a year. Ours is also loud. I find that I don't like to use not because of the sound but it's worse at night and the medicine gives her an energy that is beyond my ability in the middle of the night to handle. I would suggest that you go into your own room and if you have a radio or TV to turn that on. Also the treatments should only last a few minutes, maybe 5. You shouldn't sacrifice your health for the noise and the distractions that it may cause. I'm lucky that our daughter only has to use it a few times a year and only when necessary. So in the summer when fires start and the air quality gets really bad that would be a time that we can see that she needs the treatments. So I would try going into the bedroom. Do you have a laundry area? Even a garage? Just a suggestion to keep the noise away from those trying to sleep or watch TV, etc...
@kelly60 (4548)
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9 Apr 07
Thanks, I have had to use it a lot lately because of my bronchitis no matter who bothers so this has been helpful. For now, she sleeps for a while on the couch while I go down the hall and start running the drier near my bedroom at the same time. After I finish they can go to bed if they want, or she can stay on the couch if she likes.